KELSO, Wash. -- A naked Kelso woman was restrained after she was holding an infant while swinging a hammer, and otherwise acting irrationally, police said.

Police were called just after midnight Sunday to a report that a hysterical, naked woman was lying on the pavement, screaming, according to a Kelso Police Department report. When a responding officer offered her a blanket she ran into a nearby home.

Police knocked on the door and the woman came out swinging the hammer and holding the naked 4-month-old. She eventually dropped the hammer and grabbed some car keys, jabbing them toward an officer while screaming, Leave here! Jesus!, the report continued.

Very scary, said neighbor Stephanie Shepardson. Iwas scared for her and her child.

The woman was subdued and taken to a nearby hospital. The infant was handed over to the woman's father.

The woman's father told police she had likely been taking a drug called Kratom which, along with some synthetic marijuana and bath salts, remains legal but is a source of concern for drug enforcement officers.

People probably believe that because you can buy it legally it's safe and obviously it's not, said Debbie Garvin of the Cowlitz County Drug Court.

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