DUVALL, Wash. -- A woman narrowly avoided serious injury after the van she was driving ran off the road and into a fallen tree.

Firefighters in Duvall say the woman in her 40's swerved off NE Big Rock Road in Duvall and the tree went through the front windshield of the van.

Sissy Mosier says her daughter, the driver, apparently crouched down as the tree went through the vehicle.

God spared her. He alwayshas. She's had one tragedy after another since the day she was born. She was born diabetic and she survived it. She wasn't supposed to survive after the age of six, said Mosier.

Firefighters say a passerby saved the woman by cutting her out of the seatbelt, which had been choking her while she was trapped in the car.

She's recovering at Harborview Medical Center where she is in serious condition.

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