PORTLAND A new nationwide study that investigated fish sold around the country found much of it was not what it claimed to be.

In Portland, one out of every five fish sold is likely not what was advertised, the report said.

Environmental group, Oceana tested the DNA of fish sold nationwide and found 33 percent was mislabeled. Portland did better with 21 percent of fish sold being mislabeled.

Full report:Oceana study reveals seafood fraud nationwide

Oceana said in Portland sushi restaurants are the worst offenders, with fish being mislabeled 63 percent of the time. Grocery stores, however, did much better with just a 5 percent mismatch rate.

Chefs and reputable fishmongers like Lyf Gildersleeve of Flying Fish Company in Southeast Portland recommend asking a lot of questions when buying fish, and if you think something is fishy about the seafood you are buying, you might be right.

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