WENATCHEE, Wash. - Shooting targets that explode when fired upon have come under scrutiny after they have been linked to wildfires.

Fire officials last summer said two fires -- one near Entiat, and another smaller one near Cashmere -- were started by people shooting at targets that explode.

Like any explosive, like black powder or smokeless fire or this sort of thing, it can be dangerous, said Paul Marander, who sells similar exploding targets at Outdoor Emporium.

They're intended to be used in areas away from flammable material.

In a video found on YouTube, a man takes a shot and you see a huge cloud of smoke. In another one, a direct hit creates a big flame.

We trust and hope people use it responsibly and not in the wrong way, said Marander.

In the cases of Entiat and Cashmere, it was the wrong way. While the U.S. Forest Service hasn t said if the fires were caused by the target or a bullet striking something else, some think the exploding targets are dangerous enough to be banned.

U.S. Forest Service officials have not said whether the fire was caused by the target or a bullet striking something else.

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