GALVESTON, Texas - Buses carrying Carnival Triumph passengers from Mobile, Alabama rolled into Galveston early Friday.

The firstgroup pulled inaround 7:10 a.m. after an overnight drive.

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The Roberts family from Gainsville, Texas was just one of many who wereunloading as the sun came up.

I m ready to just get home, said mom Elaine Roberts, who took the cruise with her two kids and husband. It was like a cesspool. The stench and everything was just incredible. I think there s a lot of people that are sick right now because of just being in that situation of not having toilets or water I mean we had bottled water in some areas, but the toilet situation was terrible.

The Roberts said they still have a five-hour drive ahead of them to get home from Galveston.

Carnival is in the middle of transporting more than 3,100 passengers from Alabama after itsdisabled cruise ship had to be towed from the Gulf of Mexico. The ship was floating around at sea for most of the week with reduced electricity and water service. It was supposed to arrive in Galveston last Sunday.

Carnival is offering all of thepassengers a full refund for the cost of the trip andexpenses (except money spent in gift shops and casinos). The company is also giving each passenger $500.

The company is also offering discounts to future travelers whose trips were affectedas CarnivalTriumph cruises through mid-April have been canceled.


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