PORTLAND - An Oregon home builder is offering a special guarantee to new buyers.

Stone Bridge Homes Northwest said it s so confident in its standards for energy efficiency, that it s offering to guarantee low yearly energy costs for new homeowners.

The company has been working with Earth Advantage as it builds new homes. During the process, inspectors evaluate just how energy-healthy each home is. That includes looking at everything from landscaping, flooring and framing to insulation.

We're able to model the energy consumption of the home and very accurately predict the energy cost of that home, said Peter Brown with Earth Advantage.

Stone Bridge said their guarantee covers heating, cooling and water costs. It also includes what they call plug loads, or anything plugged into an electrical socket.

This house in particular is built 23 percent more efficient than a standard home built today, said Stone Bridge Homes NW President Kelly Ritz.

The way the deal works is, if a homeowner s bill tops the guaranteed cost, Earth Advantage will make up the difference for three years.

The Stone Bridge homes in Tigard s Arlington Heights subdivision are being built to what s called silver standards for energy efficiency, and above, Ritz said.

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