VANCOUVER -- Students displaced by the fire at Crestline in Vancouver will go back to class on Thursday, spread out among five other area elementary schools.

Fircrest Elementary is one of the schools taking in the students. Teachers and volunteers there spent Tuesday clearing out extra classrooms, storage rooms and even a book room to make room for the additional students.

The principal said it has been a huge logistical challenge, but she's confident they'll be ready for the new students by Thursday.

My goal is to ensure that these kids coming to Fircrest feel welcomed and in a short amount of time, get back on their feet to learn, Principal Margaret Varkados said.

The students were also doing something special to help make their new schoolmates feel welcome. They made a gift called welcoming hands and every Crestline student will get one.

The school district announced Monday afternoon that students and their teachers will be moved to the following schools:

  • Kindergarten students will go to Mill Plain Elementary School, 400 SE 164th Avenue, Vancouver;
  • Students in the first grade will go to Ellsworth Elementary School, 512 SE Ellsworth Road, Vancouver;
  • Second graders will go to Columbia Valley Elementary School, 17500 SE Sequoia Circle, Vancouver;
  • Third graders and students in the Academic Learning Center (ALC) will go to Riverview Elementary School, 12601 SE Riveridge Drive, Vancouver; and
  • Fourth and fifth graders will go to Fircrest Elementary School, 12001 NE 9th Street, Vancouver. Crestline students will remain with their current teacher and classmates.

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In addition, students who normally ride the bus to Crestline Elementary School will be picked up at the same bus spot as before, but five minutes earlier.

Students who have not ridden the bus in the past will be contacted by Evergreen Public Schools' Transportation Department with information on the bus pick-up location. Students will all be transported to Mountain View High School where they will board a bus for their specific school.

Crestline students who are part of the EXCEL (Highly Capable) pull out class will now attend the EXCEL class at Evergreen Public Schools' Flex Academy. Transportation will be provided from the students' homes. The EXCEL pull out class will remain on Tuesdays. Students in the New Comers Center will be moved to Burnt Bridge Creek Elementary School.

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