PORTLAND -- Devon Flores lost her laptop and her artwork in a flash last December. But she didn't just wait by the phone for the police to come to her rescue.

Flores had popped inside Portland's Pearl District Safeway to get a prescription filled. When she came back, her laptop was gone.

She was determined to find who did it.

That's all of my art, my portfolios done for college, family photos, everything's on there, Flores said.

After the theft, she hoped police would turn things around fast.

I told them my story about how I'm a photographer and what this really means to me financially.

But she also did her own detective work. First, the surveillance images.

Sure enough, Bank of America had the video of the girl breaking into my car and stealing my stuff.

She matched that shot to a closer one of a woman inside Safeway. She gave that to police. But Flores didn't stop there, she hopped online.

I would set up stings off Craigslist for computers and pretend that I was gonna buy their computer to see if it was mine, it never worked out.

Finally, her hard work, and the police work, paid off. Officers identified the suspect, Dee Glassman, and took her in to custody last week. Glassman pleaded not guilty. She's expected to return to court on March 1st.

Flores didn't get her laptop back but she says she got the next best thing, a suspect under arrest.

I'm glad there's a little bit of justice you know.

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