PORTLAND - Just two months after stepping down as CEO of New Seasons Markets, Lisa Sedlar has found the first locations for her new venture, Green Zebra Grocery.

After leading New Seasons Market though a big expansion period, Lisa wanted to expand her own ambitions.

Her first Zebra will be at what was a former Safeway store back in the 1950s, and recently a Chinese buffet on North Lombard and Peninsular avenues.

Green Zebra is a variety of tomato that grows particularly well here in the Pacific Northwest, Sedlar said.

The other store is at Woodstock and SE 49th. The first two stores will open late summer-early fall of this year.

The stores will cater to convenience, with an emphasis on locally-grown produce and healthy grab and go foods.

Lisa says they will also sell soda and chips.

For me, it's about the 20-minute neighborhood. I really love this idea of being able to all your goods and services within a 20-minute walk or bike ride in your neighborhood, said Sedlar.

Lisa's goal is 20 stores by 2020.

While the footprint of these neighborhood stores is smaller, it will cost around $1 million per store to open.

Lisa has a 25-year track record in the grocery business. Her former employer, New Seasons Markets, is her first investor.

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