CLACKAMAS -- A Gladstone teenager was out hundreds of dollars after he regrettably fell for a scam that preyed on his sense of pity.

David Lewis had just deposited a paycheck at the Unitus Community Credit Union at Southeast 82nd and Johnson Creek when a couple approached him.

Iput my window down a little bit, didn't know what was going on, it was late, said Lewis. Isaid, 'What's going on?' And they're like, 'We need to deposit this paycheck, my daughter broke my card.'

The 18-year-old thought something was fishy, but there was nowhere to go. The family of strangers was surrounding his vehicle.

The more I sat there the more guilty I felt because the daughter, what if she hasn't eaten? And Iwas also intimidated by this big guy, said Lewis.

Against his better judgment Lewis deposited the woman's $500 check into his account. He gave her cash in return.

The daughter actually said, 'Mommy I'm scared' a lot, three times she said that, said Lewis. Ithought that was weird.

It was weird, alright. The check never cleared. Lewis had been scammed. He is now out hundreds of dollars he was saving for college.

I can't hold onto my anger because, how is that going to help me? Lewis said. It makes me angry though, to know Iwas in that situation.

Authorities are investigating a similar case at the same credit union. They are investigating at least one additional case in Vancouver.

You are urged to call investigators if you have information about any of the cases.

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