SPOKANE, Wash. -- Before staff at Riverfront Park could even finish cleaning a mess left by pranksters on the night before Christmas, another one of its kind showed up on Spokane s South Hill.

Some park employees cut their holiday break short to clean up picnic tables at Riverfront. Vandals stacked them to look like a Christmas tree, tinsel and all, on Christmas Eve. Park goers found them collapsed the next day.

Having to call people in on Christmas morning-- For one of my crew members, it s her first year with her new baby. That pulls at your heart when you have to pull people away from their family for something that was meant to be a prank, David Randolph, Riverfront Park Labor Foreman, said.

More tables were found at Manito Park on Dec. 26. The stacked pyramid under a pavilion was blocked off to park-goers to keep them safe.

Park staff says the growing number of incidents means more money out of taxpayers pockets.

Riverfront Park wants to find a permanent, more secure storage plan for the tables.
Randolph says he wishes the staff could use their time improve the park, rather than clean up after these pranks.

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