ASTORIA, Ore. -- A landslide in Astoria forced the evacuation of three homes Wednesday.

Witnesses said the wave of mud and dirt came down on Duane Street, near 6th Street. A tree pulled down amid the slide came very close to hitting one of the homes. Power lines also came down.

Ben Bradshaw's sons were inside one of the homes nearly hit by debris. They said it was just a really loud crash, he said. We were lucky because they hike up on the hill a lot. We were lucky that they weren t on the hill, or on the front porch, or anywhere close to it.

Raw video:Landslide dumps debris on homes

Crews said the stability around the homes was now in question and it was also possible that more trees could topple, due to the slide. There were no reports of injuries.

The latest NationalWeather Service alerts call for increased snow in the mountains and Coast Range, along with high winds and heavy rain through the valleys.

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