PORTLAND - Never before have so many people been so connected a host of other social media sites.

And it's those networking connections that could be your ticket to a landing a job. It can be the next best thing to a face to face interview that can get you hired.

I use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterist, Linkedin as well, said Brian Jansinski from Portland.

For Brian, his social media networking is paying off.

There were some suggestions that were offered to me through Linkedin that said this might be a job you might be interested in. I clicked on it and sure enough, here I am. .

Social media is being used more by employers and those looking for work.

Networking is what this is all about, noted Susan Wallin, Senior HR Consultant with Boly: Welch Recruiting.

Boly: Welch uses social media to help find prospective applications.

It's so much more personal is so many ways than just sending a resume, so people are just connecting in a totally different manner, she said.

Wallin notes that social media sites give job hunters an advantage over submitting their application to companies with what's called ATS or Applicant Tracking Systems -- that can screen out candidates quickly without the right keywords.

Melissa Barker is a social media expert in Portland. She tells job hunters to give people a reason to connect with you. To start, take time to create a profile that will get noticed.

The way Linkedin search works is exactly like Google works. It's based on key words, said Barker.

Those key words will help you get connected listing your specialties in job descriptions.

Follow the companies you want to work for and getting engaged with their communities is really how you get yourself noticed on Linkedin, said Barker.

Also, get recommendations.

This is really critically for your credibility, noted Barker.

Classify yourself in the city you are looking for work.

Say you live in Gresham, but you want a job in Portland, you need to classify yourself as living in Portland as opposed to Gresham so you'll appear in a search when recruiters are looking for people, she said.

And write a strong summary about your philosophy, your passion and a call to action how to contact you.

So far it's working for Brian Jansinski.

I believe that networking is really about getting in touch with people who you don't know and to look for ways to build those relationships and expand that network, he said.

Keep in mind, as great as social networking can be, it can also prevent you from landing a job.

The experts say be careful what you write on these sites, because it's there for everyone to see.

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