PORTLAND -- Two canvassers for Oregon House Democrats were stopped by West Linn police Friday evening after they collected a ballot from a homeowner.

Collecting ballots door-to-door is not against Oregon law.

We believe our volunteers clearly followed the law, said Jared Mason-Gere with Oregon House Democrats.

West Linn police said they were dispatched after getting a call from the Clackamas County Election Office.

It's now under investigation, we're looking to see exactly what happened and why police stopped those folks, said Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown.

All this, just hours after allegations of ballot tampering surfaced in Clackamas County. Sources told Newschannel 8 that an elections worker filled in Republican preferences on spaces that voters left blank.

Ballot tampering reported in Clackamas County

It's not clear how many ballots were affected, but the Oregon Dept. of Justice has launched a criminal investigation into the alleged tampering, which is a felony offense.

The bottom line is we are taking the allegation very seriously, said Brown. I prioritized my phone call to the Attorney General to make sure they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The controversy has voters in Clackamas County deeply concerned.

How safe is your vote?

We want an honest straight forward vote process, not having someone else on the sidelines determining how it's going to turn out, said George Adams of West Linn.

Republican and Democratic leaders are anxious to get to the bottom of both controversies. All this while elections officials scramble to protect the integrity of this very important election.

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