PORTLAND - In the history of Portland politics, the race for mayor typically generates the most excitement among voters.

Not this year.

We've got a very surprising race for mayor, said political analyst Len Bergstein. We have so many undecideds and there are so many people who are unexcited by this race, he said.

Those undecided, unexcited voters include Bob May who watched Jefferson Smith and Charlie Hales closely through the campaign.

They had the debate last night and it's walk away from it going, who do you pick? he said.

May shared his ballot before mailing it . He s writing in Eileen Brady s name. She lost during the primary. It's his protest vote.

They're not, they're just not really who, I have no confidence in them, May said.

On the streets of Northeast Portland, undecided voters echo similar feelings.

Kind of none of the above, said Heidi Snellman when asked which candidate for mayor will get her vote.

It's hard. There's really not much choice at this point. It's too bad that all of Smith's stuff came up at the end, not at the beginning, she said.

Smith's stuff included losing his right to drive multiple times, being tossed out of two recreational sports leagues and hitting a woman at a party when he was in college.

Hales has his own stuff. His campaign secretly recorded a private endorsement interview and he changed his mind about campaign contribution limits.

It's why so many struggle with their vote.

None of the above, said Heather Frazieri when asked who will get her vote. When asked why she said, just not inspired, questionable people.

It's the sort of race thatleaves undecided voters with agonizing choices. When asked how she ll ultimately decide who to vote for Heather Frazieri said, I don t know. Lesser of two evils.

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