ALBANY, OR-- An Albany family is still rattled after their home was burglarized Monday afternoon. But what's worse, the thief took off with the family dog and python and won't give them back.

The Stradley's spent Wednesday night knocking door to door, handing out fliers of their little dog Jazzy. The three-year-old Chihuahua has been missing since Monday. The day Albany police say Blaze McCormick broke into the family home.

The house was trashed. First thing I noticed was the dog was missing, said father Daniel Stradley. Police said McCormick stole $60, the children's Nintendo and the family dog.

Stradley says McCormick used to be a friend, but the family cut ties when they say he got into drugs.

'I'm upset to say the least. You steal something from somebody but you don't steal somebody's pet, Stradley added. But he didn't stop there. He's also accused of taking seven-year-old Gajen's pet python, Killer. I'm very sad. Give me him back, said Gajen.

The problem is McCormick is refusing to say where the pets are. He's not talking to the family, and also not to police.

He said he didn't want to talk with us without his attorney present so respecting his rights, we didn't question him further, said Sgt. Jerry Drum with Albany PD.

Police have charged McCormick with burglary, theft, and theft of a companion animal, which in Oregon is a felony. Those with information about Jazzy or Killer can call the Stradleys at 503-995-0417.

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