PORTLAND-- When the rain returns, so will the fender benders.

It happens every year when we get that first big downpour.

And with three months of nearly no rain, the roads are covered in oils and fluids. Mix those with water and you get a slick mess.

When you haven't had rain obviously there's a lot of fluids left on the road that haven't been washed away. And that can make the road ultra slippery, said Todd Harris, president of Pro Drive Driving School.

Harris says the biggest trouble spots will be intersections, and exit and entry ramps. He says drivers need to slow down and leave more room between themselves and the car in front of them.

But it's not just the oils on the roads that could cause problems for drivers; the falling leaves also contribute to traffic messes.

The City of Portland is asking residents to clear the leaves out of clogged catch basins and storm drains.

Clear as much debris out of there and take it off the street or away from the curbs, said Dan Anderson of the Portland Bureau of Transportation. That's the best way to make sure it doesn't clog and make a puddle or lake in front of the property.

Like it or not, those rainy driving conditions are returning. The more prepared we are the better off we'll be.


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