SALEM, Ore. -- The state is launching a campaign to let more than 23,000 Oregonians who lost their homes to foreclosure know that they may be due a check as part of a national settlement with five major banks.

The Salem Statesman Journal reports the state housing agency fears homeowners will overlook mailed packets or that addresses are out of date. So, the agency plans to use means such as mass-transit ads and billboards to get the word out.

If they turn in forms by Jan. 18, eligible homeowners could receive $840 or more.

They must have made at least three payments on loans that went to a foreclosure sale in 2008-2011 and been serviced by one of the five banks: Ally/GMAC, Bank of America, Citi, JP Morgan Chase or Wells Fargo.

For more information and help with foreclosure prevention, see the Oregon homeowner support website.

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