OREGON CITY, Ore. -- Four people were recovering after Tuesday night's stabbing rampage on a TriMet bus.

The suspect was identified as 19-year-old Austin William Vanhagen of Oregon City, according to Lt. Bill Kler of the Oregon City police.

Bus driver Leonard James was being treated for a stab wound to his stomach.

Richard Dickson Jr. was treated for stab wounds to his chest, back and leg. Jeremy Thompson was stabbed in his back and arm. He is not projected to be release until sometime this weekend. Victim Andrew Crombie was bit in the shoulder and was treated at the scene. The victims may be released from the hospital by the weekend, investigators said.

Vanhagen reportedly boarded the bus at the Oregon City Transit Center and yelled some racial slurs, then stepped back off the bus at Clairmont Way.

Witnesses said he then stabbed one person five times while outside the bus.

Passenger John Olechea said after that, Vanhagen punched him in the face, and then re-boarded the bus. Once back on the bus, the man stabbed another passenger five times and then went after the driver, who he reportedly stabbed once in the stomach.

I think he was way wasted, way wasted, Olechea said. He couldn't even walk when he got on.

Another passenger grabbed the attacker and held him, and the suspect bit him on the shoulder, witnesses said. However, he still managed to keep control until police arrived.

A witness said police had to use a Taser to subdue the attacker.

The driver had been stabbed in the stomach and passed out after getting off the bus, a witness said. TriMet spokeswoman Mary Fetsch said the driver had surgery early Wednesday morning.

Of the injured passengers, one of them had five knife wounds in the back, another was stabbed five times on the chest, leg and back, witnesses said. The passengers were conscious and breathing when transported.

The entire TriMet family shares their concern for the operator s welfare and for a speedy recovery, Fetsch said in a statement. We also share our concern for the welfare of the passengers that were also wounded in the assault. This is a tragic incident.

A Clackamas County dispatcher said the first call of the incident came from TriMet around 11 p.m. The person said someone had been stabbed on a Line 33 bus near Molalla Avenue and Clairmont Way, Kler said.

TriMet driver union president Bruce Hansen told KGWthe attack points out how drivers face difficult passengers on a daily basis and that the job can sometimes turn dangerous.

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TriMet also issued a statement Wednesday explaining that surveillance video from inside the bus was given to the police department, as part of the investigation.

Vanhagen was arraigned in court Wednesday. His bail was set at $250,000.

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