SEATTLE -- Zombie bee reports have been confirmed in Portland, Corvallis, and Kent, Wash., researchers said.

Novice beekeeper Mark Hohn, in Kent, found that his bees are infected with a parasite that causes them to fly at night and lurch around erratically until they die, The Seattle Times reported.

That was the first time the infected bees were found in the state, according to tracking by San Francisco State University biologist John Hafernik, through his website

The site reports that zombees have been confirmed in Portland and Salem. Sightings by citizen scientists in Aloha, Tigard and Salem were still being investigated.

It's yet another problem for a dwindling population of bees that are needed to pollinate crops.

The zombie bees are also being studied Steve Sheppard, chairman of the entomology department at Washington State University.

Click for a detailed ZomBee Watch map

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