SCOTTS MILLS, Ore. -- Owners of a rental house in Marion County said they found out their tenant was selling their furniture, so they contacted the sheriff's office and KGW Newschannel 8 to help them stop the sale.

Owners of the home in Scotts Mills called it a robbery in progress, but their tenant said it was a legitimate estate sale.

As each car turned to head up the driveway to the home in the 4000 block of Briar Knob Loop Saturday afternoon, Carrie Kikel and her husband Steve Eldridge were waiting.

Kikel and Eldridge lease the house to a woman whom they said has rented it for several years. They said she rented the home furnished as part of the lease.

Personal property included owned by leaser, said Eldridge as he read the lease agreement to KGW. [As you can see] the lease agreement clearly states that the belongings belong to the leaser not the lessee, Kikel said.

Friday, the pair got a call about fliers posted in the neighborhood advertising the estate sale with their belongings on it.

I'm angry and frustrated, Kikel said.

Since legally they couldn't go into the home without a 24 hour notice to the tenant, Eldridge and Kikel were stopping people at the base of the driveway, asking them not to buy their furniture.

Most people turned around.

Onewoman told KGW, I'm going to pass [on the estate sale]. I'm not getting a good feeling about it.

When KGW walked up to the house, the tenant had no comment.

A friend of the tenant, Linda Randall said, He's completely wrong, he's completely wrong. There's no thievery here. As far as the furnishings go, Randall said, He [homeowner, Steve Eldridge] sold them to the tenant.

Not so, Kikel said.

We contacted the Marion County Sheriff's Office and we were told there was nothing they could do because they couldn't get in the middle of a civil action, Kikel said.

As the day progressed, two deputies returned. This time with a sergeant.

The tenant made a decision we understand to sell property that was part of the lease not hers to get rid of, said Sergeant Don Sweet with the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

Late Saturday, the Sheriff's Office had ordered the tenant to stop the estate sale.

On Monday, once the courts are open, Kikel and Eldridge said they will file eviction papers to have the tenant evicted.

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