PORTLAND-- You watch him fighting fairy tale monsters every week. And for now, the star of Grimm calls Portland home.

David Giuntoli moved to the Rose City when the NBC show first started production here.

It s been fantastic, Giuntoli said about living the city. They re polite and they re gracious and they re very welcoming and it s just been this big collective, warm hug from the city of Portland.

As Giuntoli got warm fuzzies from the people of Portland, he found an affectionate way to describe his new home.

When I first got here, I immediately thought, this is a Whole Foods with a Mayor, the actor said.

Of course, his real life opinion of the city is a lot different than the one we see on Grimm. As Portland Police Detective, Nick Burkhardt, Giuntoli is constantly fighting evil creatures.

Giuntoli said he s doing his own stunts now and has been working out quite a bit.

And then it just got crazy the last couple of weeks, so I m trying to become like a bloated Nick Burkhardt for the second half of the season, Giuntoli joked.

With his new-found fame as a crime fighter, he said it s hard from him to get around town without someone recognizing him.

There's kind of this macro weird thing that happens when you get recognizable anywhere, but Giuntoli said people here are very nice about it.

Sometimes I'll just be walking down the street, or riding my bike--which i do all the time now--and someone will be like, 'Hey Dave!' And I'll be like, 'Hey-- Wait a minute, I don't know you.'

You can watch Giuntoli and the rest of the Grimm crew on Monday nights at 10 p.m. and on Fridays at 9 p.m.on KGWNewschannel 8.

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