PORTLAND, Ore. -- At the Man Shop in North Portland, the Olympics air all day long.

We've been watching volleyball and that sort of thing just to keep up on that, said Beth Preciso.

But those trying to avoid results are not worried about programs on during the day. They're worried about the most popular sports, which happen during the day but are carefully kept off the air until prime time later at night.

Not far away, at the home of Julee Ryan, the TV is on the Olympics all day, too. They are big gymnastic fans in this home. Earlier in the week, Julee nearly exploded. Yeah, that was me, she said.

Ryan accidental learned the gymnastics results hours before the competition aired. I was like no! she said.

She posted a complaint felt by many in the same place she'd seen the early results, Facebook.

I hate that I just saw the women's gymnastics results...stop it!!! she wrote. She unfriended several sources to shut down the information flow. HopefullyI won't hear anything, she said.

It is hard to hide from the results. They are on the radio each hour and seemingly everywhere on social media.

At the Urban Grind coffee shop in Portland's Pearl District, the high tech crowd knows it's nearly impossible to dodge Olympic news.

Its hard to get off line and not see what's going on, Dian Crawford said looking up from her Ipad. Crawford owns a marketing company and is online all the time.

I actually just looked and one of the women's events. The gymnastics events is just over and (this part edited so we don t give it away) of course that's not going to show until later. Its hard to kinda manage what's showing up in social media, Crawford said.

Across the way, Dan Long says Olympic results have infiltrated his media feed. I follow some people on twitter that aren't even very into, what I would think would be into athletics or into the Olympics. But everyone's tweeting and re-tweeting about the results, he said.

Urban Grind owner Kevin Crawford says the problem is technology and people. Sometimes its just hard to keep a secret.

You gotta be aggressive if you want to not have the ending spoiled, he said.

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