PORTLAND Nurses worked double-time to help a Portland patient get her dream wedding before her brain surgery, and now she's doing well after the surgery has been completed.

Jamie Amos and Jon Tofoya tied the knot married at Providence St. Vincent Hospital Tuesday.

Wednesday evening the news was all good after the surgery was done.

Providence St. Vincent reported Jamie was awake after the surgery, and according to Jon was already smiling - and as beautiful as ever.

Jamie's Wednesday afternoon surgery successfully removed a golf-ball-sized tumor on the left lobe of her brain.

Jamie mentioned to hospital workers that she d like to marry her sweetheart before her surgery and the staff helped her pull it all together in just two days.

Everybody has just put in together and just made this the most amazing day for the both of us. It's just so much gratitude and love from people that we don't even know, Jamie said.

Providence staffers loaned Jamie a veil and jewelry. A musician who works at the hospital provided harp music for the ceremony.

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