On the field, it's been a rough season for the Timbers.

Wins have been few and far between. However, off the field they are scoring big in the community. A special afternoon at the Providence Child Center in N.E. Portland.

Timbers Captain Jack Jewsbury and teammate Sal Zizzo spent some time at the Center for Medically fragile children. They all enjoyed a game of indoor soccer.

It was great. Great experience for us and for the kids, says Jewsbury. It's one of those things where soccer means one thing to us and another to them. So, its fun to get out here and interact with them.

The Center is a long-time care nursing facility for kids with chronic health conditions. Jack and Sal's visit is part of a sports extravaganza week for camp play.

This is amazing, says Janet Honea, who is a Therapeutic Recreational Asst. at the Providence Child Center. We do activities on a daily basis, says Honea. we try not to focus on what their lack of ability is, but really looking at what they can do and really saying what does soccer look like to our children and adapting that.

You might call this game a friendly and it ended in a 1-1 draw.

It's great to come out here and see these kids, says Zizzo. Every little thing to them is a big deal. It's just a lot of fun for us and for the kids. You can tell by the way they smile and little movements that they're having a good time.

It was a bright light in what has been a disappointing season on the field. A lot of times, us more than anybody, says Jewsbury, get wrapped up in results and everything else when there's so much more going on around you. Stuff like this kind of helps bring you back down to earth. I think we all really enjoyed coming out here and touching their lives for 10 or 15 minutes and hopefully it means a lot to them because it definitely does to us.

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