The British Broadcasting Company has put together an interactive website that matches regular people to their 'ideal Olympic sport' and even the closest matching athlete, based on their body type.

Users just enter their height and weight, and the computer algorithm searches among the website's database of Olympians to find the closest match.

Athletes range in size from Japan's diminutive 66-pound Asuka Teramoto to the gargantuan frame of China's 7-foot 2-inch Zhaoxu Zhang.

What athlete and sport do YOU match with? Try it here:

Our KGW News team tried it out - see if you can guess which anchor matched with which sport!

Match the KGW anchor to their 'Olympic sport'
Tracy Barrya. Javelin
Joe Donlonb. Volleyball
LauralPorterc. Synchronized Swimming
Matt Zaffinod. Equestrian
Reggie Aquie. Archery


Javelin (Joe), Synchro Swimming (Laural), Equestrian (Tracy), Archery (Matt), Volleyball (Reggie).

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