PORTLAND -- You re hired! Those are the words we long to hear when looking for work. But how do you nail that interview to land the job? That s a question more and more women are trying to answer.

A lot of women are transitioning by working part-time, and then going back into full-time, said Marianne Moore, the President of Action Employment. Women make up 46% of America s workforce, making the opportunities seem better than ever for the ladies. But the competition is still tough out there.

That s why Moore offered up five key things every woman should know before her next interview. Be yourself, she says, you know if you have a connection with a person, just answer from your heart.

Moore said that part of being yourself is maintaining eye contact and keeping a good connection between you and the person who is interviewing you. She also wanted to remind women to give clear, concise answers. She said, if they ask for your strengths, give them strengths relative to the job you re applying for.

A lot of people that are really talkative will kind of start rambling, Moore suggested, So just try to answer the questions directly. When you show up for your interview, Moore said to dress professionally and avoid wearing anything with a strong scent.

In this tough economy, you may be tempted to bring up how hard it s been to find work, but Moore s advice is to avoid letting that be the focus of your conversation, even if the employer brings it up. Finally, don t be afraid of the money talk.

Moore said it s a tough conversation to have, but when you name your price, she said it will give the employer an idea of the kind of salary you expect,

Whenever anyone asks, they always say, I m open and negotiable, Moore added, I would say give them a range...between this amount and this amount because then you re not going to feel awkward about it.

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