SEASIDE, Ore. -- Seaside police were dealing with an unusual beach intruder - a large elk was catching many tourists by surprise Wednesday.

Beachcombers said the elk showed up around 10 a.m., and had been wandering around the area ever since. At times, it even walked along the popular promenade.

Some people said the large elk with the big antlers scared them. Others said it was a delightful bonus for their day of sightseeing.

State wildlife officers were alerted but decided not to interfere because the elk was not causing any problems. Officials told KGW the elk was, for the most part, just standing in the trees and it was likely part of a herd that frequents that area.

Authorities were asking people to stay away from the elk as wild animals can be very unpredictable. Witnesses said two men were seen harassing it earlier in the day, but they had since left.

By Thursday evening, the elk, too had vanished.

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