PORTLAND -- The sex offender arrested for attacking and stabbing a 10-year-old boy in a Northeast Portland Wendy's restroom Sunday was a wanted man who had violated his parole for heinous crimes against children, police said.

The state sex offender registry lists 49-year-old Adam Brown as a predatory sex offender known to target children ages 2 to 8. He had violated his parole 7 times and most recently, a nationwide warrant had been issued for his arrest after he failed to report to his parole officer. Police said he had been on the run from police since June 14.

Court records showed in the early 1990s, Brown was charged with 43 counts, including attempted murder and rape, in connection with a series of sexual assaults against children inDouglas County. Those children included two of his own.

He's sick, Brown's ex-wife told KGW. He's a monster.

Brown's ex-wife divorced him and moved to another state to help the kids get a new start after the horrible abuse they endured from their father. KGWhas chosen not to reveal her name, to protect her family's privacy.

Also in that past case, prosecutors said Brown exposed several children to HIV through sexual contact but those charges were dropped in the plea deal. He ultimately pleaded guilty to three counts of sodomy and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He was released after serving 11 years.

It's the judicial system that let us down. I believe that, Brown's ex-wife said, I don't believe in the judicial system anymore.

Since his release from prison in 2004, a spokesperson with the state parole board toldKGW that Brown had been punished for violating his parole 7 times. However, since he had not been prosecuted for any new crimes, he was able to avoid serving time in the state prison and kept getting put back on parole.

At no point did the board have the authorities to return him to prison... even for his violations, explained Jeremiah Stromberg with the State Parole Board.

When told about the assault in the Portland Wendy's restaurant, Brown's ex-wife said it made her sick, but sadly, she was not surprised. She did not think he should have ever been released on parole.

He needs to die, said Brown's ex-wife. There's no other punishment for him.

Brown is accused of stabbing and sexually assaulting a boy in a Wendy's restroom on July 1. The boy screamed and started fighting back, according to said Sgt. Pete Simpson with the Portland Police Bureau.

During the struggle, the boy was stabbed multiple times. His father heard screams and tried to open the restroom door, but it was locked from the inside. A manager brought a key, then Brown unlocked the door and pushed the boy out, Simpson said.

The boy was rushed to a hospital and underwent surgery. He was released from the hospital Tuesday to recover at home.

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Brown surrendered about two hours later and now faces several charges including attempted murder, four counts of first-degree assault, first-degree sex abuse, first-degree kidnapping, first-degree arson, coercion, and furnishing false information to a police officer.

He pleaded not guilty in court Monday and bail was set at $2 million.

Meantime, the family of the 10-year-old boy who was assaulted released this statement Wednesday:

You can not begin to imagine the horror we have been through in the past couple of days. Our son is going through a lot and we as a family are committed to letting our little boy heal in peace. Thank you for all your concerns, but in these troubling times, we are asking for people to respect the privacy of our entire family.

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