PORTLAND Mayoral candidate Charlie Hales pledged Thursday to limit campaign fundraising in the general election.

Hales said a very expensive primary race with unlimited fundraising and spending should not be repeated.

We have heard the concerns from Portlanders about the influence of money on politics everywhere -- we don t want that here, said Hales. Let s do this the Portland way.

Hales pledged to not accept contributions over $600, not accept out of state money, and not contribute his own cash to his campaign.

It s not the law, but it s the approach I want to take to make this campaign about people, our neighborhoods and ideas, said Hales.

Jefferson Smith, who faces Hales in the general election, says he s been suggesting that all candidates agree on fundraising restriction since the primary campaign.

(I m) glad that Charlie agrees with us that we should do something -- wish we d do a stronger deal, said Smith, who was at his campaign headquarters today.

Smith says his camp and Hale s team have been negotiating an agreement for several weeks, that he hopes would require both candidates to do more to restrict fundraising.

Smith said he favored a $500 limit, and a limit to overall fundraising, as well as a ban on outside groups running side campaigns for either candidate.

Smith said he was a little disappointed that they short circuited what I thought we good faith negotiations and instead decided to do something unilaterally, which is a step backwards.

KGW Political analyst Len Bergstein said both mayoral candidates are jockeying for position on a campaign spending issue that matters to Portland voters.

So we re going to see a lot of this kind of tactical gamesmanship going on before the real campaign engages, said Bergstein.

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