EUGENE - Go ahead and count Jessica Cosby out if you want, but consider one thing before you do that; she's already taken part in the biggest competition of her life.

It was a one on one battle with the United States Anti Doping Agency.

And she won.

That was a difficult time that I wouldn't wish on anyone, said the 2011 world champion in the hammer throw. I'm just glad I had family and friends around to prop me up and get me through it.

USADA hit Cosby with a two-year ban in 2010, when a medication she took contained a banned substance.

She appealed, and arbitrators knocked the suspension down to four months after determining that the water pills she needed to treat urinary retention were passable.

She was dealing with depression at the time after losing her job as a part-time throws coach at UCLA, and breaking off an engagement upon learning her fiance' had been unfaithful.

Just a terrible time, she said.

Now it's a wonderful time for Cosby. She's on the cusp of qualifying for another trip to the summer olympic games, coming off a personal record throw at the Prefontaine Classic in Eugene last month.

She also gets to compete on the NIKE campus in Beaverton where this years' hammer throw event will be staged.

This is great, she said of her first visit to NIKE. Anytime NIKE gets behind something they go all out, so even though I love competing in Eugene, this should be awesome.

And there's even better news to report as Cosby has made that old, unfaithful fiance' a thing of the past.

I've met a great guy and we're engaged, and we're actually getting married two weeks after the Olympics.

She already picked out her necklace for the big day. Yes - If I win a medal I'll definitely wear it down the aisle, she said.

You want to bet against that?

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