NEWPORT -- A Vancouver company has been hired to remove the huge dock that broke loose during the 2011 Japan tsunami and drifted all the way to the Oregon Coast earlier this month.

Ballard Diving and Salvage, based in Vancouver, Wash., was one of several that submitted bids for the project.

The Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation said the bids ranged from $79,922 to $240,000 and included work to break down the dock, then haul it away.

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Ballard Diving and Salvage will dismantle the dock on shore, remove it for a cost of $84,155.

Since washing ashore in early June, the dock has become a tourist attraction, prompting some people to suggest leaving it on the beach.

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department said portions of the dock will be retained for use in a local memorial but it just wouldn't be possible to return it to use.

A schedule for removal will be announced soon.

Timing is important because conditions on the beach, such as the amount of sand naturally piling up around the dock, could change without notice, explained David Solomon with the parks department.

Meantime, both Oregon and Washington state have asked for federal help to pay for the cost of removing not only the tsunami debris that has already reached the Northwest, but even more items expected to wash up in coming months.

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