PORTLAND-- A pet-related problem in the Pearl District has some residents fired up. Some dog owners are not picking up after their four-legged friends, and now the neighborhood association wants to go after violators.

It can really ruin your day when you plant your sneaker in a pile of pet waste, said Jan Valentine with the Pearl District Neighborhood Association.

Sunday afternoon the evidence was not only in the grass, it was in flower beds and all over the sidewalks. It's especially disappointing to residents who recently spent $10,000 building 16 pet stations with bags and trash cans, making doggie cleanup simple.

I would move out of the Pearl, said Rhonda Fatkin who is visiting Portland from Denver. People in Denver are really much better about cleaning up (after their dogs); you really don't see it as much.

That's why Valentine is organizing what she calls pooch patrols to confront and perhaps embarrass dog owners into doing the right thing.

Most dog owners KGW spoke with supported the idea, but one Pearl District dog owner said she thought the problem was coming from somewhere else.

That's interloper poop, that is not poop from our neighborhood, said the woman, who did not want to be named.

Wherever it came from, it's certainly creating bacterial health risks to people and dogs in the dense urban neighborhood. It's a smelly problem the pooch patrol plans to solve.

Anyone interested in volunteering can email Jan Valentine or call (503) 715-2822.

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