CARVER, Ore. -- Bill and Sharon MacFarlane are proud of their 20-acre Century Farm near Carver. That's why they didn't flinch at paying thousands of dollars to rid the fence line of unsightly, unruly blackberry bushes.

We were going to have the goats come in and start up in here and eat 10 acres of fence line, Sharon MacFarlane explained.

They contacted Goat Rental N.W. and had owner Georgina Perry come out to give them an estimate.

We thought it would be a lot less destructive on the pastures and the ground than the big equipment and it would be fun to watch, Sharon said. We're very trusting people and we said, 'Well, let's go for this.

They signed a contract with Goat Rental NW last August and paid $1,150 up front, half the total cost of the job. The contract stated the job would start in late September.

But come September, no goats and no Perry.

Where are the goats? I mean, What's the hang up? Sharon wondered. A couple of times I had a friend email and got no answer, and we got no answer when we called the company.

I'm really disappointed and I'm just disgusted with people who can't be honest and do what they promise to do, she said.

The MacFarlanes aren't the only ones complaining.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Goat Rental NW has an F rating for not responding to letters asking to explain why they've had six complaints.

The BBB website read, BBB has received a pattern of complaints from consumers alleging once they make payments to the business, no goats are provided. Consumers further allege they are unable to contact the business when seeking a refund.

KGW requested through the Freedom of Information Act the complaints against Goat Rental NW and learned the agency had nine over the past two years. Some of those complainants finally did get a refund.

Some told KGW they had to take Goat Rental NW to small claims court and get judgments against the company but they said Clackamas County sheriff's deputies couldn't locate owner Georgina Perry to serve her the papers.

To see if the company was still in business we scheduled for the owner to come to a property for a bid. Georgina Perry told KGW investigative Reporter Ed Teachout she could deliver 50 goats in two weeks.

When asked , What about the money owed the MacFarlanes? Perry said, They're actually getting paid today.

I've actually signed a voluntary agreement with the Department of Justice, she added.

But Friday evening Bill McFarlane said, There's nothing in the mailbox, nothing at any of the doors and I've been here all afternoon and no one has come to pay me anything.

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