PORTLAND -- The investigation into a Grant High School hazing case that turned into a sex crimes probe has concluded, according to the Juvenile Unit of the Multnomah County District Attorney s Office.

The investigation involved an alleged attack in a locker room by four players on two teammates on the JV basketball team. Three students were suspended from school over the incident. They have have since returned, but were kicked off the basketball team. A fourth student was expelled.

Background: Police investigate hazing at Grant High

Portland Police turned the results of their investigation over to the District Attorney s office. Then, the D.A. s office turned the investigation over to the juvenile division.

A statement released by the district attorney's office Thursday said police had interviewed the targets of the attacks and spoke individually with each of their families as well.

They were adamant that they did not want to proceed with formal filing of charges of any kind, the statement said. During those discussions each family clearly reiterated their strong desire that none of these matters be handled by a formal adjudication process. Additionally, the families involved in these cases indicated to us that procedural and policy changes by Grant High School administrators have taken place since these events were reported.

The DA's statement went on to explain that On the facts presented relative to each case, a successful adjudication will require the participation of the three juveniles as there is insufficient collateral evidence to proceed with formal adjudication without their involvement. After a thorough review of the facts presented by the Portland Police Bureau investigation into these matters, and careful consideration of the perspectives of the three families, the District Attorney s Office will not file a formal petition in any of these cases at this time.

Changes have also been made at Grant High School since the alleged incident.

District spokesperson Matt Shelby said that violence of any sort will not be tolerated. A new policy was put in place that calls for a coach to be the last person to leave a locker room.

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