PORTLAND - Every week you see them on Grimm. We re talking about the hardworking men and women behind the actors.

They are the extras of the NBC fantasy crime drama. They play people walking down the street or members of the Portland Police Bureau. But don t worry, their guns and badges are fake.

Leandra Collier, the extras casting coordinator for the show says they always need people with different looks and capabilities.

I was able to hire a gentleman in a wheelchair, and I ve been able to hire people that need to run in the background of scene, says Collier.

You don t have to have any experience either. David Withers, who is semi-retired from the advertising world says extra work is pretty easy and fun.

It s pretty much stand and walk and write, in the place where you re pointed and try not to attract attention.

Grimm crews want someone who has a flexible schedule and is good at following directions. If you can do that, than you might have a shot at being part of the show.

Withers says that s how he got a few seconds of fame.

I think maybe I ve gotten about seven seconds over the 17 episodes, he said. Here s how you can become an extra on the show Grimm.

Just send an e-mail to Once you ve sent that initial e-mail, you ll get a reply that prompts you what to do next.

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