PORTLAND A mother and daughter arrested for assaulting passengers on a TriMet bus in Southeast Portland appeared in court Friday.

Tina Renee Duckett, 36, and her daughter, 19-year-old Markishia Welikea Duckett, were charged with assault and interfering with public transportation.

The mother said Friday she and her daughter were actually the victims.

I'm really emotional and I can't speak to my daughter right now, we were assaulted first by six to eight people who banded together, Tina Renee Duckett said after court Friday. Me and my daughter were victims and these charges are outrageous. The only thing I did was pull someone's hair after I was punched.

Portland officers said the two suspects boarded the bus at SE 122nd Avenue and Market Street and tried to use invalid transfers.

The bus driver told them at the next stop they needed to get off, when at that point they became verbally abusive to the driver, according to police.

TriMet said it would be changing its strategy to deal with this kind of activity, spokesperson MaryFetsch said.

In response to the recent altercations on transit, TriMet is changing up its deployment strategies and will be targeting missions to address this kind of activity on the system, she said. Because this relates to security, we cannot provide specific details on the times or locations of these missions or deployments.

A 23-year-old man asked the two to get off the bus when Markishia Welikea Duckett punched him in the face, according to investigators. Then, a 23-year-old female passenger asked the women to stop acting out in front of her child.

Me and my roommate were trying to break that up, passenger Michelle Cook said. But then her daughter came at me and I tried to push her away, and she punched me in the eye. I got a cut on my eye.

Tina Duckett held that woman by the hair while Markishia punched her, police said.

Five or six of us got hit, Ashley Andone said. I got hit in the head another guy got hit in the face. It went on for a good five, six minutes.

A woman who said she was on the bus told KGW that the mother and daughter had purchased tickets earlier during the day, and wanted more clarification from the driver about whether they were still valid.

Mariah Miles said passengers quickly became impatient and started yelling at the pair. The shouts included profanity and racial slurs from white passengers, which led the daughter to go to the rear of the bus to confront one of the passengers, Miles said.

Four people were arrested the same day for a brutal December MAX assault caught on video, which led many to ask why bystanders didn't intervene in that case.

Why didn t anyone help girl during MAX attack?

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