PORTLAND - Responding to the activities of Occupy Portland protesters has forced police to divert resources from fighting crime, a police spokesman said Thursday.

Sgt. Pete Simpson said since detectives are helping out with mass processing of arrests, work is diverted from gang enforcement and cold cases.

We really wish people would see that side of things, Simpson said. It's drawing resources away from a lot of other community members in Portland.

Chief Mike Reese told KGW emergency calls were being affected and a rape victim had to wait for three hours before an officer could respond, as police were busy with the protests.

Video: Chief Reese talks about diversion of police resources

The Portland Police Bureau has incurred more than $750,000 in overtime since the Occupy Portland activities began on October 6.

Around 100 arrests have been made in connection with the Occupy Portland encampments in Chapman and Lownsdale Park squares and subsequent protests.

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