PORTLAND -- Four people were cited and removed from the 'Occupy Portland' encampment and two people were arrested Friday, while the group planned a march Saturday to the Pearl District to protest anti-camping ordinances, among other grievances.

Friday Portland City Commissioner Randy Leonard warned the group against camping at Jamison Square, in the Pearl District, pledging to withdraw his support for the group if they stay there outside normal park hours.

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Portlanders will be marching against police brutality, the growing wealth inequity between the rich and the poor, and anti-camping ordinances in the city, Organizer Cameron Whitten said in a statement released Saturday. The march will start at 12:30 pm at the Waterfront Park and proceed to protest Bank of America s publicity stunt at the Convention Center. The march will end at a proposed occupation expansion space in the Pearl District.

Whitten called the Pearl District an epicenter of wealth and disparity in Portland, with luxury condos just blocks away from the heart of Old Town.

But Leonard told KGW Friday night he knows of a lot of single mothers who are raising kids in studio apartments in the Pearl. He said they are frightened by the protesters.

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'Occupy Portland' has made a commitment to demand that the city revoke all laws that discriminate or target the houseless community, Whitten's statement read. This expansion is an effort to act on that commitment.

Portland police Saturday morning released a public safety update regarding recent police activity in the original encampment, at Chapman and Lownsdale Square parks.

Christopher David Bartz, 36, was arrested on an outstanding drug-related warrant after police saw him dumping what they believe was a bottle of urine into the street, according to Sgt. Pete Simpson. Bartz denied that the bottle contained urine.

Another subject was arrested for disorderly conduct, Simpson said. Two people were cited and excluded from the park for alcohol use in the park and two more were cited and excluded for marijuana possession.

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