PORTLAND - About 100 marchers from the 'Occupy Portland' campout at two downtown parks approached the PacWest, Wells Fargo and Chase Bank buildings Friday.

Photos:Inside 'Occupy Portland'

A memo fromPacWest building supervisors said extra security and Portland Police were on the scene and engineers had prepared to lock doors and elevators.

Thursday, police made eight arrests and cleared people blocking Southwest Main. Portland Mayor Sam Adams said they would be allowed to remain in encampments in the two parks to continue their 'Occupy Wall Street' protest.

Background:'Occupy Portland' from march to camps

'Occupy Wall Street' wishes to bring an end to what the movement believes is an out-of-balance accumulation of wealth among a few in the United States.

What started as a march last Thursday resembled an encampment in the heart of downtown by Monday.

The encampments at Lownsdale and Chapman Square Parks have an ongoing population of 400 to 500, organizers said.

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