CLACKAMAS COUNTY -- The start to summer on Tuesday was perfect but KGW's cameras caught first-hand how dangerous the river can turn.

KGW first caught up with Dan Hinkel and his friends as they filled up their rafts at Riverside State Park along the Clackamas River.

They packed life jackets and whistles, but as it turned out, not every one wore one.

By the time the cameras got downstream to High Rocks, bystanders, including a KGW crew, spotted a life jacket, but no kayak or paddler.

A few in the group got caught by the fast currents and their raft flipped over, sending them into the frigid water, where they managed to reach shore cold but unhurt.

We came up hot and hit it along the side, hit the pillar and took us right over, said Lisa Reid breathless and soaked. So we rode the rapid down so we could catch a rock.

Reid told KGW she realized that she would become the daily lesson on why you need to wear lifejackets.

That was the second assisted rescue Tuesday at High Rocks swimming hole.

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