PORTLAND -- Ty Rattie and Tyler Wotherspoon are attending a morning class inside Beaverton s Sunset high school. If they are not wide awake, you ll have to forgive them.

They didn t get home from Chiliwack or some other remote minor league hockey out-post until 4 a.m.

It s part of being in the WHL, Rattie said. It s a responsibility and if that means staying up until two in the morning to do homework, you gotta do it.

Raised in Canada, but playing this season in Portland with the Winterhawks, Rattie and Wotherspoon wouldn t have it any other way. They can t skate through their teenage years, when their dream of skating on the NHL ice is within reach.

Our NHL teams actually interview us from time to time and ask how school is going, said Wotherspoon. It s a big part of what they look at.

Portland s magical season, which has seen them already win division and conference championships, continues now in the best-of-seven WHL finals against Kootenay. Game-1 is scheduled for Friday May 6th.

It s the first of many finals they will take this spring, with graduation about one-month away. Reaching the finals, like everything else though, has come at a price.

I don t have a prom date, we have a game that night, so I can t go, said Wotherspoon. These two have a more important date, with their hockey destiny.

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