GOVERNMENTCAMP,Ore. -- One man was killed in a head-on crash on Highway 26 nearGovernment Camp just after noon Thursday.

All lanes of Highway 26 were reopened by 4:30 p.m. following the investigation.

Raw:Video of crash scene, traffic backup

A witness said a silver car was heading west when the driver lost control and spun into a snowbank. An SUV in the oncoming lane did not have time to stop, the witness said.

Oregon State Police said the car had crossed the center line and was in the eastbound lane.

It tore his seat completely out of the car ... the seatbelt was ripped right out of the floorboard from the impact, according to Johnathon Nightengale The flames were probably ten or 15 feet, then the suv the whole front of it burned up so they were shooting up about the same height.

The impact split the car in half and both vehicles burst into flames.

The car driver, an adult male, was thrown from his car and pronounced dead at the scene. The other driver was taken to Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland.

Weather conditions were mostly clear, with pavement that looked wet. OSP troopers said that can sometimes lead drivers into a false sense of security since there are still slick patches.

KGWReporterKeelyChalmers contributed to this report

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