Here is the most amazing headline regarding snow -- Saddle Mountain, just higher than 3,000' in the Coast Range -- had 20 of snow on the ground a week ago and the Coast Range snowpack was 46 percent of normal. As of Tuesday the reporting site has 82 of snow on the ground and the snowpack is more than 100 percent of normal.

You do not see the Coast Range receive 6' of snow in one week very often. The numbers on Mt. Hood are also impressive.

Tuesday's snow survey measured 129 on the ground just above 5,400 feet. The snow would melt into 41 of water. The snowpack on Mt. Hood has increased to 80 percent of normal.

Remember -- the snowpack was way down in January and the first two weeks of February. Here is a list of Monday's snowfall:

Timberline Lodge: 32'

Government Camp: 22'

Washougal, Wa. 1,400' 21

Santiam Pass 19

Sandy 18

Scappoose 1,000' 12

Brush Praire 1,400'11

Wilson River Summit10

Estacada 1,000' 10

Stevenson, Wa. 9

Hood River 8


The snow level is rising in the afternoon all the way to 4,000 feet. Wednesday afternoon will see snow showers down to 2,000 feet.

Meteorologist Rod Hill

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