PORTLAND -- The trial has been postponed for the suspect in the failed bomb plot in Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square during the holiday tree-lighting ceremony the day after Thanksgiving last year.

A new trial date has not yet been set and suspect Mohamed Mohamud remains in protective custody at the Multnomah County Jail. The trial was initially supposed to begin in February 2011, but attorneys have disagreed over an issue regarding pre-trial comments about the case.

Mohamud, 19, has his own cell at the jail and eats meals alone, the sheriff's office said . Officials said Mohamud's isolation was done to ensure his safety, though there haven't been any specific threats to his well-being.

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Besides being kept to himself, jail staffers allow Mohamud to leave his cell for up to four hours each day for hygiene purposes and to make phone calls.

The Sheriff's Office said Mohamud receives regular visits from friends and family members, as well as members of his defense team.

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Following Mohamud's booking into the downtown jail, another inmate -- Mohamed Ahmend, 23 -- was attacked at the Inverness Jail.

Sheriff's officials were investigating the possibility that another inmate assaulted Ahmend based on his race or religion, but it was unclear whether the attack was related to the Mohamud case.

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