PORTLAND -- The temperature at Portland International Airport dropped to 38 degrees over the weekend, perfectly normal for this time of year, according to KGW meteorologist Rod Hill.

Monday forecast

Right on cue, Hill said of chilly lows expected to continue through the week.

The average first freeze at the airport is Nov. 8, he said, though we may hit freezing before then.

And right on cue are indications that a la Nina winter is headed our way, with lots of rain and possibly a major windstorm in Portland and the Willamette Valley, he said.

Hill said we may have the wettest winter in a decade during what's called the water year from October through September.

Winters have been relatively dry since 1998 when 40 inches of rain fell during the water year.

A key indicator - equatorial ocean temperatures - still point to winter unseen since the 1950s, he said.

Along with the rain in the valley, predictions of a heavy snowfall in the Cascades look like they should hold up, he said.

The valley hasn't had a prolonged windstorm since 1995, he said. While there have been windstorms of an hour or so, to go for more than 12 years is unusual.

We're due for that, he said.

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