PORTLAND, Ore. -- A new website dedicated to missing 7-year-old Kyron Horman went online Friday.

Developed by the family, the site is plastered with photos of Kyron and smile. It offers easy access to the missing person flier, information about Kyron, and the tip line.

This is a real immediate way for people to connect to him, and for Kaine, and for him to connect to them, said former homicide detective C.W. Jensen.

Jensen said the website will only help the investigation.

The way to be involved is through this thing, said Jensen. I think it's a good thing.

And if what happened at the KPAMstudios Friday afternoon is any indication, public interest in the case is high. Former Sheriff's Captain Bruce McCain answered callers' questions and listened to their concerns.

It's going along about as smooth as it can be despite the fact that we don't know where Kyron is, said McCain.

Kyron's family is hoping the new website will shed new light on a case that is now 10 weeks old.

I think it's good when people don't sit on the sideline, said Jensen. But they participate and try to make a difference.

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