PORTLAND, Ore. -- A TriMet bus struck a cyclist just after 7 p.m. Thursday evening in downtown Portland at 6th and Morrison.

Witnesses said the bus turned into the bicyclist at the intersection. The bike wound up wedged underneath the bus.

Richard Miller Krebs, 36, of Northeast Portland was hospitalized and reported to be in fair condition.

Bus hit him about mid-track, pushed him over on the road. Bus driver was stopping but kinda skid to a halt on his leg, said Ryan Davis, a witness to the crash.

Portland Police Bureau spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson said investigators interviewed witnesses and took measurements and said there was no major fault one way or another on the part of the driver and the cyclist.

Popular bike blogger Jonathan Maus suggests its time to at least study the volatile mix of traffic on the transit mall that now includes MAX, buses, cars and bikes.

Just saying share the road, share the road has its limits, he said. There's going to be interactions and people are going to get hurt until we figure out how to do a better job of separating them.

The bus was providing special alternate service in the area due to MAX and route closures and delays in service caused by a person committing suicide near the Vista Bridge. Related: 5,000 commuters delayed

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