PORTLAND, Ore. -- Sources tell KGW police have searched the homes of three friends of Kyron Horman's step-mother in the past week to look for evidence in the case.

One of those friends has been identified by Kyron's parents as DeDe Spicher, and they say she has information aboutTerri Moulton-Horman's whereabouts on the day Kyron disappeared from Skyline Elementary on June 4. The family statement also says Spicher is not cooperating with the investigation. More: Spicher seen near Horman home June 4

Sources tell KGW one of Terri'sfriends may have violated a judge s orders by seeing a then-sealed restraining order, filed against Terri by Kyron's father Kaine Horman.

Two of the homes were in Tualatin.A third search warrant at an undiclosed location was executed Thursday. Sources tell KGWinvestigators decided to obtain the search warrants after examining cell phone records, emails and conducting surveillance.All three friends had spent significant amount of time with Terri since the case began, sources said.

Family urges friend of Terri to cooperate

Late Thursday, the family of Kyron Horman release a statement to the media, saying they'd been briefed by police and told thatDeDe Spicher was helpingTerri Moulton Horman, had information relevant to the search for Kyron, and was not only not cooperating withinvestigators but was also encouraging others not to cooperate.Read: Family statement

There have been no suspects or persons of interest named since Kyron disappeared.

However, in court documents, the boy's father Kaine Horman stated police provided him with probable cause to believe that Terri-Moulton Horman was involved in Kyron's disappearance, plotted to have Kaine killed, and was having a sexual affair. DETAILS:Restraining order issued

Last weekend, Kaine had Terri evicted from the family's NW Portland home and he returned to the home with Kiara.

Terri Hormanhas since relocated to her parents' home in Roseburg. MORE:Investigation shifts toRoseburg

Meanwhile Thursday, Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton postponed a request for $242,000 for the case until October. District Attorney Michael Schrunk was granted a request for $196,000 for a deputy D.A. and a limited-time investigator to continue the investigation. MORE:Funding requests

FULL COVERAGE:Search for Kyron Horman

KGW reporterAmanda Burden and Colin Miner contributed to this report

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