PORTLAND, Ore. -- Mother nature is set to give the Portland area a very bad mosquito season.

Near SE 145th and Foster Blvd., Multnomah County mosquito control experts are finding large areas of standing water that are perfect for hatching mosquito eggs.

Normally, such areas are bone dry this time of year.

So much rain fell this spring with so little sunshine to evaporate it, county experts say mosquito eggs are flourishing.

One stretch of sunny dry weather would warm the standing water and greatly increase the number of hatches.

Like a week of 80 degree days, dry, no rain, explained County mosquito control field expert Eamonn O'Neill. The water temperature is going to warm up which is going to speed up the life cycle from egg to larva to pupa to adult.

Along the Springwater Trail, O'Neill collected samples to bring back to the lab for species analysis.

He says homeowners should change water in bird baths, drain their gutters, wheelbarrows, and potted plants, for example, to get rid of mosquito habitat.

If you think your home has a bad mosquito problem brewing, Multnomah County says it can help.

Just give their mosquito control officers a call at (503) 988-3464.

They'll answer questions and come out to assess your property if necessary.

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